Well-being : Discover Iremia

A relaxation app

Iremia : An innovative idea

Tackling early school dropout is at the heart of the European Project Ambition 21. Meetings with teachers highlighted the need for a digital tool designed to improve school well-being. Thus a working party of teachers and students was created who visited several national exhibitions and compiled a list of functional specifications. After it became clear that no French product matched their expectations, the decision was made to develop an app to promote wellbeing providing students with tools to enable them to

  • Live their best life and cope with stressful situations
  • Stay motivated
  • Foster confident self expression
  • Manage their stress
  • Improve their school results

This app will help students face specific situations such as preparing tests or oral presentations, managing emotions or low self-esteem,improving social skills, supporting learning difficulties and staying focused.

The world of Iremia

When they start using this app, students are provided with a customised immersive experience where they try out different methods to stay relaxed and focused, and breathing exercises that they will be able to use in their daily lives.

Supported by the regional education authority, this project brings together several collaborators : the Laboratory of Psychological Development 2LPN, Fabrice Midal’s school of mindfulness, a relaxation therapist and several partner companies. Workshops have been setup in schools, so that students may have the opportunity to co-develop this app.

A website supplements this digital tool by offering testimonies from experts, teachers and students, philosophical accounts, as well as some in-depth pedagogical studies. Iremia is not a substitute for seeking professional help, students are always encouraged to talk to a trusted adult.