Erasmus+ : The KEEP Project

A European research project

Learning from the lockdown periods
On a European level

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still taking place and it is not entirely clear what its consequences hold for us, one of the facts that remains certain is that the periods of lockdown have introduced drastic changes to education systems around the world. School closures have impacted 94% of the students in the world which in turn has revealed teachers’ lack of preparation and ability to teach online. Multiple studies analysing the transformation of schooling due to COVID-19 have already been published. Based on these as well as on further research, the KEEP Project seeks to reveal, examine, share, and discuss practices that were used by secondary school teachers to keep students involved in the learning process. To achieve this, our partners will interview teachers working in various educational settings, coming from four different European countries and various communities. Teachers’ profiles will be created based on these interviews as well as an eco-systemic analysis of the environment these teachers were working in.

Outcomes and goals

The KEEP project findings will be shared within the partner countries and more widely at European level to create a dialogue and sharing of good practice between European educators. In addition to this, another purpose of the KEEP Project is to provide teachers with the necessary tools and information that will be of help to them beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Among other things, the KEEP project will help teachers to safeguard the inclusive nature of education and support students with special needs and learning disabilities. The general objective of the KEEP project is to help reduce underachievement and poor engagement in the learning process among students in Europe caused by their inability to physically attend school.