Sensible internet use ! A new board game for young students. The ‘Molo Molo sur le web’’ board game promotes a safe use of the internet to children, but also to their parents and their teachers. It encourages sensible online behaviours by inviting players to exchange, share and wonder about how they use digital tools, as well as how much time they spend looking at screens, or how to decipher news and data on a daily basis. This game revolves around the following themes:

  • Online tracking: How to secure personal data
  • Respecting others: Sensible language on social networks, respecting copyrights…
  • Respecting privacy: Managing personal data, image rights…
  • Cyber-bullying: how to detect it, testify, reminder of the law
  • Videogames: addiction, economic models, PEGI rating
  • Health: Time spent looking at screens, impact on sleep, sociability
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