Out of 400 students, The Les-Hauts-de-Blémont de Metz secondary school welcomes about 80 non-French speaking students with special educational needs. This diversity is a chance for diversity and integration, but also a challenge for those students when trying to learn about French culture and language.

After a period of adaptation to the French language (two months to a year), they join a French classroom and frequently experience troubles with expressing themselves/experience troubles with their language proficiency.


Goals of this project

In order to better meet the needs of these non-French speaking students, our teams got to work on adapting tablets to educational practices. Tablets have several upsides. They help students to start school activities more easily since they’re working by themselves, without having to worry about peer pressure in case of errors or failure. Tablets are a huge motivational tool for students, as well as a pathway to autonomy.

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